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Now Available: Weekly build of libaom AV1 + FFmpeg docker image

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Docker image with libaom AV1 ffmpeg  


While trying to try out the latest features for the libaom AV1 encoder, I’ve been trying to figure out how to get a hold of the latest binary. As of writing of this blog, I haven’t come across any source on the web that publishes a binary of libaom AV1 encoder. Often while trying to get a hold of the latest changes in libaom, you have to build the source yourself which takes time. Therefore, I took it upon myself to publish a weekly build of FFmpeg with the latest available libaom source @


  • Latest release of FFmpeg (v4.2.1 as of writing this blog)
  • Latest commit in the master branch from at the time of build
  • Built on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
  • Built with GCC 8
  • Built every Sunday @ 00:00 UTC time
  • FFmpeg build also includes x264, x265, VP9, VMAF, LAME, AAC, OPUS


The docker image is available @ Docker Hub - singhkays/ffmpeg-av1-libaom


If you haven’t used docker containers before, I suggest reading the below links first: - Get started with Docker - Install Docker Community Engine

Running the AV1 docker container

The command below will run the AV1 container in interactive mode and map your current working directory to /usr/workspace.

docker run -it --name ffmpegcontainer -v $(pwd):/usr/workspace singhkays/ffmpeg-av1-libaom:latest bash

AV1 ecosystem updates

AV1 resources


Reach out if you have any questions! Feel free to follow me on

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