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This is a catalog of the most useful software. Perhaps you’ll find some or all of these useful as well!




  • Bleachbit (formerly CCleaner before this) - Clean your system and free disk space
  • Chocolatey - Package manager for Windows
  • ZoomIt - Great for zooming in your screen while presenting
  • f.lux - Take the strain off your eyes at night!
  • ShareX - Easily take screenshots & videos of your screen and apply quick edits!

Video Editors

  • DaVinci Resolve - A full featured video editor with a free option that has more than enough options for beginners

Photo Editors

  • Capture One - Great alternative to Lightroom. Also free for Sony cameras!


  • Readit - Quite possibly the best Reddit app for Windows Store!


  • Screen Commander - Great for blanking out a monitor in a multi-monitor setup
  • BitBar - Lots of awesome plugins to add stuff to your menu bar e.g. Now Playing in Spotify, Upload/Download stats, Hardware temperature, frequency
  • Day-0 2 - Replaces clock with flyout calendar in menu bar
  • Lightshot - Allows you to capture any part of your Mac screen
  • AppCleaner - Allows you to thoroughly uninstall unwanted apps including files that would normally be left behind
  • PhotoX - Allows browsing through a folder of images with left/right keyboard shortcuts
  • Spectacle - Nifty little tool with keyboard shortcuts for any kind of window move, resize action you want to do!